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Welcome to Egyptian Fever Festival V

Event info:
Organizer: Academy of Arabic Dance “Suraiya”
Poland – 08-10.11.2013 – Katowice city (Airport: Katowice-Pyrzowice)
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Last edition of Egyptian Fever Festival in November 2012 was a big success!!

We are back to prepare for you next fantastic edition of Egyptian Fever Festival!

EFF V Team is an amazing mixture of world best teachers of various styles and generations! Be sure to join our event – we promise it will be an unforgettable experience!!!

Festival Teaser:


Yousry Sharif is the embodiment of many greats when it comes to Egyptian Raqs Sharqi: a great original choreographer, a great teacher, a great mentor, a great music producer, a great presence, a great inspiration, a great mind, and the list goes on and on. In short, he is the epitome of the dance, and a phenomenon.
Worldly acclaimed and respected as the master of masters, Yousry Sharif travels the majority of the year to nurture dancers and teachers around the globe. There is rarely one dance artist worth his or her salt who is not influenced or taught by him. Everywhere he goes, he is pursued by the most talented and zealous.
By teaching in major cities, he impacts the way the world dances. His creativity, musicality, sensitivity and no-nonsense instruction take it by storm. His cutting-edge, inspired on-the-spot, give-it-all choreographies keep even the most achieved dancers on their toes. His expansive knowledge, expertise teaching, profound understanding and above all, his unmatched talent and love of the art form touch and charm every soul. And the world yearns for more.
A native to Cairo, his dance talents shone through at a tender age of seven. He grew up thoroughly trained in Egyptian folkloric dancing, plus various dance forms, including jazz, classical ballet, and flamenco, while working with various influential choreographers and teachers.
After moving to New York, the USA, in the 1980s, he started his own dance academy to educate dancers in what the world has come to adore as the Yousry Sharif oriental style. While preserving the spirit of traditions, he takes the dance to a contemporary level and beyond. To him, the dance is a life form. It evolves with time and environment, while never loses sight of its roots.So the legend goes on, and the world awaits.



Comes from Egypt (El Mahalla) and became a famous professional dancer after numerous appearances on Egyptian television as well as performances in the Gulf, Europe and USA. During his studies at the sport university in Cairo where he graduated, he began his professional career as a dancer in the famous Balloon Theatre in Cairo. In 1983 Aladin was awarded the title of best dancer of all Egyptian universities by the Egyptian state. In 1988 Aladin came to Germany and graduated here (in Cologne) in Educational Sport. He writes choreographies for many dancers in Germany and Switzerland, manages the group “El Mahalla” “ Ensemble Aladin” and teaches in his empathetic and temperamental way throughout the whole of Germany, especially in Cologne/Bonn and since February 2002 in his own “Dance Studio Aladin”






Anusch Alawerdian was born into a creative and artistic Armenian family. From an early age her mother realized that Anusch showed a lot of interest in dance and music and introduced her into the word of ballet.By the age of five Anusch was dancing with a Folk-dancing group called “Arevik” which she went on to name her dance school after.
Anusch is an internationally acclaimed oriental dance performer, instructor & choreographer based in The Netherlands. Her lifelong romance with dance radiates in her magnificent shows, enchanting audiences in many parts of the world and rewarding her with thunderous applause. For the past 10 years, Anusch has been giving spectacular performances throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the USA. She has dance and rhythm in every vain and her happy heart is reflected in her radiating dance, captivating audiences with her sensitive and musical approach of Bellydance.





Nelly is a professional bellydancer and she acts all over the world. Nelly has degrees in Ballet and modern dance and International Diplomas for Latin-Ballroom. She is the first Greek Bellydancer that in her carreer has perfomances in middle East,Canada,Argentina,Cairo,S.Korea,Netherlands,Israel,Slova­kia, Poland,Germany,Greece,Spain,Hungary.Shows with the Bellydance Superstars and Bellydance Evolusion by Jillina. Nelly performed with Mario Kirlis and his orchestra in Buenos Aires.She is the biggest organizer for bellydance events and workshops (Orit Maftsir,Karim Nagi,Jillina) in Vienna and the organizer of the biggest bellydance festivals in Austria Orient Express festival and Egyptian Dream festival with superstars of Bellydance.Also co organizer and director of Orient London,Orient Cyprus and Orient Greece.She is famous for her charming smile,her energetic dynamic and most for her happy workshops that she is giving around the world!



Suraiya is the most celebrated polish oriental artist, multi award winner, international performer and teacher. She is the most popular polish dancer invited to international festivals and events abroad. She regularly shares stages with the best international belly dance artists. Her dedication to the art of oriental dance, knowledge, teaching and performing skills has been already appreciated in 25 countries of 5 continents!Suraiya is well known for her technique, stage charisma and artistic interpretations of an Egyptian Style. Suraiya is also a frequent member of the Jury during international competitions (Juror in 15 countries including World Cup and Bellydancer of the World Contest). She owns Arabic Dance Academy and Artistic Agency "Suraiya" and she is a founder and artistic director of Egyptian Fever Festival and Euro Raks International Oriental Dance Congress.
Suraiya is also show and dvd producer. Currently she co-organizes all her events with her husband Mansour Ibrahim who is also her tabla player. They travel together all over the world sharing their passion for oriental dance.
Suraiya is also a certified fitness, Pilates instructor and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy.





Mansour is oryginally from Alexandria, Egypt. He is a passionate tabla player, rhythms and drumming teacher. Currently Mansour is based in Poland working with Suraiya and co-organizing events with her. Mansour also runs Raks Sharky Bazar – internet shop with oriental products.





A professional belly dancer, choreographer and teacher from Brazil, dancing since 1997.
In London since 2004, she perform regularly in many restaurants and events 6 days a week and teaches private lessons.
Bianka has been performing in events in Egypt, Morocco, Monaco, Portugal, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Spain...
She is one of the judges of the yearly belly dance competition "Belly Dance Trophies". Bianka is full of passion and joy of dancing!





 Young, tallented Italian Artist. She made workshops in lots of dance conventions in Italy and over, for example “Sicilia in Danza” 2009, Village Dance Sciacca 2012, El Sharqi Superstars Festival Ravenna 2011, El Sharqi Superstars Festival Rimini 2012, Cairo by Night Paris 2013, Cairo by Cyprus  and so on. She makes shows in Italy and around the world, attending tours with other international artists.
HELENA dances from 1996, when she was 6 years old she started to study classical dance (until now) and from 2007 she dances belly dance. Grace of classical dance, her style is determined of elegance and techniques abilities, which are the favourite feature of masters who she worked with.








Popular polish dancer and teacher appreciated in many competitions. Sweet perfonality and unique stage presence made her a recognizable Artist of polish oriental scene.
She'd graduated Choreography at Musical Academy in Łódź (Poland).
She's a contest - winning dancer:
1 place at Nova Orient Festival 2012
1 place at Egyptian Fever Festival 2011
2 place at Worlds Belly Dance Cup 2011
2 place at Euro Raks 2011
3 place at Romanian Belly Dance Cup 2013
Shes also a choreographer of multi- award winning group Saffanah."







Safran is an oriental dancer, instructor and choreographer based in Tallinn, Estonia. She discovered oriental dance in 2003 and has been love with bellydance and Middle Eastern Folklore ever since. Currently she spends her winters in Estonia teaching regular classes and workshops, and summers in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, performing with a floklore group and bellydancing.






Farah is an international performer and teacher from Tunisia, with a natural feel for the music as she grew up to the melodies of Oum Kalthoum and Abdel Halim Hafez. She is the organiser of Orient London Festival in UK and also the founder of Bellydance Calendar Official. She studied modern jazz and hiphop for 8 years while growing up before to return to her first love of belly dance. She then studied with the most influential names from Cairo and beyond and is the only UK graduate of the Intensive teacher course 2012 by Madame Raqia Hassan. She won the Show contest at Euro Raks 2013 with her fusion crazy shaabi piece. She is very lyrical in her interpretation and particularly enjoys tarab, folkloric dances, shaabi, solo tabla and iraqi kawleeya that she learnt authentically from the iraqi community in London




Domasevich Alesia (Belarus). I am a professional performer of bellydance, multi award champion of Republic of Belarus, and many times finalist of championships in Europe and the World and other events on belly dance.I am also the winner or Euro Raks 2013 – Oriental Category.I am always in search of some new movements, music, folk information, trying to develop skills and gain more experience. I also am a teacher of kids' dance club "Ovatsia" and already can be proud that many pupils are winners and champions.







* 3 days of workshops with fabulous teachers – from Friday morning to Sunday evening

* nearly 45 hours of amazing classes

* competitions in 4 categories: RAKS SHARKI, TARAB, SHAABI, BALADI!!! Title: Queen of Egyptian Fever 2013

* open stage for EFF participants -Amateur - on Friday

* SPECIAL SHOW DEDICATED TO YOUSRY SHARIF - professional, international open stage for EFF participants on Friday feel invited to show your talent and professional skills

* amazing Gala Show of Stars on Saturday – excellent quality performances of festival Stars and Guests

* the venue of the event is a beautiful and warm theater in an old, industrial part of Katowice - all workshops and shows take place there. The big show room can take up to 120 students, teacher is on a high stage and have portable microphone for the best comfort of EFF participants. Small ballet room can take around 25 students. In the event place you can find comfortable changing rooms, showers, restaurant with special EFF Menu, bazaar etc - so you can stay there all days – venue:

* EFF has a special deal with Euro Hotel – 3km from the event place – where 1 person in double or triple room pays 15 euro per night with breakfast! Taxi from the hotel to event venue will not cost you more than 4 euro! Euro Hotel:
More useful info - Accomodation Section

* EFF has a special system of prices – the general idea: the more prepaid full passes before 1.09.2012 the lower final price (rest of payment should be done at arrival)!!! Bring your friends - you will all work for lower prices! Our prices are very attractive and the rest of your expenses in Poland will not be high because polish currency PLN is nearly 4,2 times weaker than euro!!!!!!

* the closest airport: Katowice- Pyrzowice, very good connections to Katowice with airport busses, cost of the bus-around 6 euro

* most of all... we offer you an amazing, friendly atmosphere! We make our events with all of our hearts and we treat all participants as one big family where everyone is connected to another through the love for Oriental Dance Art! Visit us and taste it!!!!

Be part of Egyptian Fever V - you really can't miss this event!!!!

Suraiya and Masnour





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