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Suraiya is the most celebrated polish oriental artist, multi award winner, international performer and teacher. She is the most popular polish dancer invited to international festivals and events abroad. She regularly shares stages with the best international belly dance artists. Her dedication to the art of oriental dance, knowledge, teaching and performing skills has been already appreciated in over 40 countries of 5 continents!

Suraiya is well known for her technique, stage charisma and artistic interpretations of an Egyptian Style. Suraiya is also a frequent member of the Jury during international competitions (Juror in 15 countries including World Cup and Bellydancer of the World Contest). She owns Arabic Dance Academy and Artistic Agency "Suraiya" and she is a founder and artistic director of Egyptian Fever Festival and Euro Raks International Oriental Dance Congress and Desert Roses Group. Suraiya is also show and dvd producer.

Suraiya is also a certified fitness, Pilates instructor and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy. 


Suraiya after always being involved in sports and dance, she finally found her true love –oriental dancing. She decided to devote herself to it fully and for years she has been acquiring knowledge with great enthusiasm and all the time she has been improving her abilities, visiting world bigest belly dance events, festivals, congresses and constantly learning from the best world teachers (inter alia: Fifi Abdou (Egypt), Ansuya (USA), Asmahan (Argentina/Egypt), Aradia (USA), Aziza (USA/Kanada), Isidora Bushkovski (USA), Beata i Horatio Cifuentes (Germany), Devon (USA), Lubna Emam (Egypt), Osama Emam (Egypt), Ahmed Fekry (Egypt/Germany), Maryam Habib (Germany), Jillina (USA), Leyla Jouvana and Roland (Germany), Randa Kamel (Egypt), Kazafy (Egypt), Liza Laziza (Egypt), Magdy El Leisy (Egypt/Germany), Khaled Mahmoud (Egypt), Marisa (USA), Mayodi (Maroco/France), Karim Nagi (Egypt), Nour (Egypt), Aida Nour (Egypt), Nuriyya (Belgium/Egypt), Mahmoud Reda (Egypt), Freiz Sayed (Egypt), Sadie (USA), Shahrazad (Holland)/Germany), Yousry Sharif (Egypt), Diana Tarkhan (Egypt), Tito (Egypt), Virginia (USA), Zahra (Germany), Eman Zaki (Egypt), Zeina (Sweden) and others.

Suraiya  in past years has successfully participated in one year "EGYPTIAN ORIENTAL DANCE TRAINING" instructed by Nuriyya (Germany/Belgium) and received International Belly Dance Certification : "THE GRACE AND POWER OF ORIENTAL EGYPTIAN DANCE" (International Dance Council CID-UNESCO)

After a very reach study on Oriental Dance Suraiya succeded to create her own style, brand and significant flavour. Currently she is very lucky to have many of her Masters as friends - sharing with them regularly stages and jury tables all over the world!

Suraiya has many incarnations – while studying International Relations, she devoted her M.A thesis in a large measure to the problem of Islamic terrorism, which has allowed her to obtain knowledge on many characteristics of mentality and culture of some of the regions of the Arab world.

At her dance classes, Suraiya pays attention not only to technical elements and therapeutic effects of dance on the soul but she emphasizes its salutary influence on the female body as well. She has extensive knowledge and experience in this matter, as since 2003 she has been an active fitness instructor, conducting various physical classes and, in this scope, she has undergone training in Poland and the USA. In 2005, she was a precursor of the “Fitness Belly Dance“ type classes in Poland, making her own original program based on oriental dance and fitness techniques.

All Suraiya’s incarnations, that complement one another, have enabled her to develop her own unique dancing and acting image, which delights not only the eyes of Polish audiences but also spectators from faraway corners of the world.

Awards in past years:

* UK 2009 - Winner of Isis Award Competition - professional category. International Bellydance Congress.

* Los Angeles 2009 - Highest prize in the international Competiton organized by Jillina

* Prague 2008 - First prize in International Raks Sharqi Competition for Professional Dancers.





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