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* Video Interview -  Norway, Oslo -

* Interview for Hagalla Magazine - Germany:

* Interview for Orient Expres Magazine - Czech Republic -

* Interview with the winner of Raks Sharqi competition for professional dancers in the Let´s Dance Festival 2008- read below:


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Skype-classes Thursday, 04 April 2013 23:20

Suraiya’s new exciting project!!!

International skype classes for the first time in Europe and Poland!

Now you can join Suraiyas fans from the whole world and just like them have a private class with her!!!!

Add Suraiya on skype: suraiya_skype_classes

Great prices - 25 E/30$ for an hour of private class!!!

PayPal payments latest 3 days before scheduled class.

Contact us now to schedule a private class with Suraiya!!!

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Show Monday, 08 April 2013 11:09

Suraiya’s dancing style is a mixture of pride, strength, innocent coquetry and beauty of women’s body. It is an ancient way of sensual stimulation of all human senses.

Her oriental show is a sophisticated explosion of artistic performance which can transform every event into an unforgettable spectacle!

Suraiya is an International Oriental Star that shines brightly during the best shows all over the world!

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Dance Academy Thursday, 07 March 2013 20:33


Suraiya is very busy touring around the world a lot and organizing 2 festivals a year (Egyptian Fever Festival and Euro Raks Congress) but she still tries to have regular courses. She teaches group classes in Chorzów City sharing her passion to oriental dance with students of all levels. Suraiya has many private students as well, preparing them for performances and competitions all over the world. Many of her students has been appreciated in Poland and internationally during various contests.

SURAIYA DANCE ACADEMY organizes the biggest and the most prestigious oriental events in Poland every year hosting minimum 30 international Artists! Visit Euro Raks and Egyptian Fever section to know more!


Possible in Katowice- in Suraiya's home studio.
Suraiya is avaliable also being abroad - if you want "one on one" class when Suraiya is in your country - contact her for more details.                

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